The Weight Of All Things Essay

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Name Instructor Course Date Symbolic Life Lessons Sandra Benetiz’s novel, the Weight Of All Things, demonstrates many different symbols that portray a deeper meaning that we all should take into account in our lifestyles. She uses separate figures to delineate a manner in which to live our lives. These symbols guide Nicolas through numerous difficult situations, such as when he is separated from his mother and starts an adventure and he is caught between the guns from the right and the left. Three particular symbols that depict a moral lesson are the Lion, The Virgin Mary, and the many relationships that occur between parents and their children. For Nicolas, being a lion signifies having supreme courage and being strong to do what needs to be done. “Of one thing he were certain: he was capable of whatever it took... He was a lion was he not?” (145) Nicolas utilizes the symbol of the lion to give himself confidence and assurance to proceed. If he does not have this credence he may not be able to do the many valorous things he accomplishes. “Lions are brave and they are strong. You are a brave and strong boy.” (131) Nicolas is without question this brave boy that boldly faces many distressing circumstances throughout the novel. If one uses the lion figure as a symbol for courage and strength, they can become confident in what they do, and pull through their struggle, similar to Nicolas has done. The figure of the Virgin Mary continuously gives assistance to Nicolas and shows him the right path to take to avoid his constant problems. “She had shown him the way.” (155) Nicolas incessantly reminds himself that he is under the protection of La Virgen and he finds refuge in her. “For added courage, he spoke Our Lady’s name.” (134) Nicolas also receives bravery when he remembers he is under Our

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