The Ways People Love

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The Ways People Love Love is an emotion everyone has experienced at some time of their life and a feeling that many might say becomes necessary for life. It might be considered that people need love as much as they need air to breath and water to live. People love in different ways depending on the people involved. Possibly love can be seen in three different ways such as friendship, infatuation, and committed. The first area of love is friendship which involves affection, caring, honesty, understanding and respect. Friendship love involves sharing emotions, listening to one another, and being available during difficult times. Relationships between boys or girls that know each other for years involve this type of love. Usually these two friends are honest with each other. Also love is normally given and received. The relationship between two friends provides freedom to talk about anything. These good friends go through good times and bad times together and support each other. In a relationship where friendship is shared between a boy and a girl can be seen as platonic love. This love implies a normal behavior between two friends except that the relationship is more intense. Friendship love may exist between brothers, sisters, and other close relatives, along with the usual affection which exists in families. Another type of love would be that which deals with infatuation. Both sexes experience a physical attraction where heart rate increases, happiness exist, excitement and fulfillment are involved. This sentiment can come from being friends, meeting in the park, school or grocery store. A feeling of attraction can be seen as mutual or just experienced by one of the friends. The affection they feel towards a special person is often unexplainable which could lead to feeling the necessity of seeing this person all the time. Everything is done to involve the

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