The Way to Accept and Forgive Essay

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The 1998 movie Smoke Signals focuses on the process of how Victor Joseph accepts and forgives his father, Arnold Joseph. From the beginning, Victor is uncertain about his father’s feelings about him because Victor has heard his father Arnold has saved Thomas, not Victor. Every time Victor hears it, his uncertainty about his father Arnold increases regularly. Victor’s feeling of lack of the father’s love is well illustrated by Victor’s answer to his father’s question: “What is your favorite Indian?” He answers “nobody,” and repeats it three times to emphasize his distrustfulness on his father. Victor’s feeling of the lack of his father’s love is more deepened after his father Arnold has left home. Victor feels abandoned and too desperate to restrain himself from punching Thomas. Victor runs to assure his father’s love, but he never has a chance to figure it out, until he meets Suzy and finds a family photo at his father’s trailer. Suzy’s explanation about Arnold hits Victor’s infertile heart and gives him a hope that his father might have loved and cared about him, but Victor still has difficulties to believe it so. Suzy’s words pushes Victor to go into Arnold’s trailer, and he finds a family photo; on the back of that photo, there is a word “home.” Now, Victor is somewhat sure that his father has loved and cared about the family, but still Victor cannot dispel the thought that his father has abandoned him. These two contradicting thoughts trap Victor, and his frustration leads arguing with Thomas. Victor’s saying “He didn’t save me! He never save me!” show his deep distrustfulness of his father. However, this distrustfulness is finally resolved by seeing Victor’s father give Victor a hand to help him when Victor falls down on the road. There is no way Victor sees his father in person, but this illusion disperses the Victor’s suspicions, and Victor finally manages

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