The Way Music Has Shaped American Culture

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The way music has shaped American culture Wendell Foster HUM/ 176 January 20, 2013 Sandy Robinson The way I see it music and radio has shaped American culture and it’s values in many different ways . Such as in the 80’s I know the music shape the way some teens dressed also around the time rap came out some people’s values tend to change. I way like some who really never did anything like sale drugs or stated carrying guns. Now as for me I have always loved blues I just love the story’s they tell and how they might take the things that has went on in there real life and make music about it. I think American culture and social behavior has been shaped in many was by some of the music I listen to like the rap music has shaped the way some people dress they see how the rapper’s are dressed and they want to look like them. I know many people might say that the music has not influenced then but you see everyday. Some people might just want to do the things they here in the music. Other might use the music to help with stress I know I am one of them people who tends to listen to listen to music just as a pick me up. But you have to think about how music has influenced such things as movies. I know some of the best movies that I have seen are movies that was first a hit song plus if you look at some as simpley as the way someone might talk. But the way I see it I really don’t think the music really do much as for social behavior because if it is something you do and then say the only reason you did that is because you might have seen or listen to a song is just a cop

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