The Way Caffeine Affects Us

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THE WAY CAFFEINE AFFECTS US Caffeine is a bitter substance found in coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate, nuts, and certain medicines. It has many effects such as brightened mood, a feeling of more stamina/energy, more active mind etc on people. The purpose of this essay to discuss health (Physical, psychological, and socially) The first effect of caffeine drinks is psychical. Caffeine affects our body so much. It makes us more alert and energic therefore makes us more concentrated on the works we do, it boosts our metabolism so it helps us to burn more fat and prevents us from getting fat/obese. It also makes us smarter and with that it kind of protects us from getting Alzheimer’s and also it lowers the chance of getting Type II of Diabetes extremely. The second effect of caffeine is psychological. As caffeine has lots of nutrients and antioxidants it helps us to clear our thoughts and makes us more stress-free. It helps us to lift our mood but for some people it gives them anxiety on the contrary so while it is helpful for some people to get calm it makes other people to get more depressed. Also as caffeine raises heart beat, it affects people with panic attacks to get worse in some cases as it makes them nervous and restless. If caffeine is taken too much it can even cause some people to get insomnia so in that case it can be dangerous. The final effect is social. Coffee, caffeine is used all over the world to relax and chit chat. It makes people more talkative as it is a central stimulating drug. People gather around a freshly brewed of hot coffee to talk. It opens us up, brighten our mood. In Sweden, people “Fika (coffee break)” they gather around coffee, tea or cola and cake/buns/sweets to socialize so caffeine is a reason to take a break and talk, to get social. Also Coffee is now like a status, popular culture. Starbucks is cool in some

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