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Introduction | Introduction to Microsoft Excel deals with the use of Microsoft Excel software to solve managerial problems. It may be noted that Introduction to Microsoft Excel does not teach how to use the software. It merely highlights the use of software as an aid in formulating business Problems and invoking appropriate functions to resolve them. Microsoft Excel, will be introduced in this course | Objectives | Understanding the role of technology as a tool in aiding managerial decisionsHarnessing power of computer to gain insights in managerial problemsIntroducing spread sheets to model managerial problemsDeveloping skills to create algorithms and its application in decision makingUnderstanding basic concepts of handling large amount of business data | Class Requirements | Attendance is required at all lectures and students should be prepared to discuss the reading assignments and other material. | Methodology | Teaching methodology involves group discussions and lectures will be used for the delivery of the course. The focus is primarily on self-learning, critical reasoning and using innovative & creative approaches to problem solving and logically presenting solutions. | Text Books | N.A. | Reserve Readings | Willett E, Cummings S. Office XP Bible. Wiley Pub & Denise E. Excel 2007: Top 100 Simplified Tips and Tricks. Wiley Pub. Visual Book | Additional Suggested Readings | N.A. | Evaluation | Two fold evaluation viz. understanding of concepts and application of theory to problems shall be applied to surprise quizzes and assignments. | Grading | Class tests (40), Class Participation (20), End term (40) | Field Trip | N.A. | Topics | Discuss: Basic Ideas About Spreadsheet And Its Uses For Managers, Elementary Spreadsheet Problem Solving Concepts (Max, Mini, Sum, Multiplication, Subtraction, Division, Mean, Median) | Discuss:

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