The Wave Should/Shouldn't Be Repeated in Today's Classrooms/Schools. Discuss

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In Morton Rhue’s ‘The Wave’ the cohort/ students at Gordon High changed due to events that take place. However, the Wave should not be re-enacted in current classrooms and schools. Set in an American school, Rhue writes about event which swept through a school a quickly escalated out of control. When teaching his history class about the Nazi party and world war two Ben Ross puts a student movement into practice which prevented students from being individuals. Students changed the way they interacted with each other. The Wave should not be repeated due to its contagiousness. At Gordon High students experienced a change which negatively impacted other students. The students at Gordon High changed to events that took place. The Wave prevented students from thinking and acting as individuals. This is evident in the novel when each student was expected to believe and value the same salutes and mottoes as part of the Wave. Not only were students expected to act and think alike; but the individuals who refused to believe in the Wave’s requirements were rejected by the group, resulting to isolation. As stated by Laurie, ‘The Wave has become an obsession... no one is thinking for themselves anymore,’ this quote represents the loss of individuality as students were brainwashed into thinking certain things regarding the Wave. Not only was the loss of individuality an effect of the Wave, but the way the students interacted with one another was also affected. Due to the Wave, students changed the way they interacted with one another. This was displayed in the novel when a non-Wave member was physically and verbally abused by numerous Wave members. As stated by Robert, ‘It’s like we must wipe out anyone who resist us’ this quote describes the seriousness of the increase of bullying within Gordon High and how the Wave silently encouraged Wave-members to pressure other

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