the wave - review of chapter 17

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THE WAVE Chapter 17 -Analysis Activity  KEY EVENTS -Two Students are checking wave memberships -Ben Ross prepares himself for the speech that will end the wave when Christy comes to wish him luck -Mr Ross stands on the stage between the two tv sets while the crowd chants wave mottos -Ben Ross announces that their leader will appear in the tv screen to address them -David and Laurie attempt to sneak into the auditorium but fail -After a long wait a student that is frustrated with waiting shouts out into the crowd “there is no leader, is there!” when he is quickly rushed out by two wave guards. -The curtains finally draw to reveal a film of Adolph Hitler which shocks the students -Mr Ross announces how easily the students of the school could have been Nazis -After Mr Ross announcement the students slowly rise from their seats and leave the auditorium. Some were crying and others looking to the floor avoiding eye contact with each other, ashamed of how easily lead they had been. -As the students leave the auditorium they drop their wave memberships on the floor. -Mr Ross apologises to some students and they leave the rally. -Mr Ross spots Robert crying and he takes him out to discuss things over lunch.  “KEY QUOTES OF POWER -“ The auditorium is full” Robert told them.”Are the guards in place?”. This quote mentioning the guards suggests to the reader how seriously they are taking the wave movement – that it is to be guarded to ensure that it is not disrupted. The power is put in the hands of the students who are members of the Wave because they all have to protect each other and take the protection of their “leader” very seriously. -“The crowd burst spontaneously into The Wave motto, staring at the TV screen and giving the wave salute, strength through discipline, strength through

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