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The wave is a story about how a teacher, Ben Ross tried an experiment out on his history class to show the how life was in Nazi Germany. The experiment starts out going ok but quickly got out of control. This book is a great example of how having power and the power of something can have a major influence on things. Ben starts to see that the experiment isn’t going the way he wanted after Robert Billings says he will be his body guard (chapter 11) and Ben reluctantly agrees because he didn’t want to upset Robert. Although this worried Ben he still didn’t stop the experiment, instead he starts to see how far he can take this experiment with the students. It’s not until someone gets hurt and he reads the schools newsletter that Ben realizes the power that has come of the wave to be capable of getting people to act this way. Ben realizes he needs to stop the experiment as soon as possible. The Wave was so intense that it manipulated many people into it and most of them didn’t realize that they were actually getting brainwashed into thinking that they had a leader and that they had to act in a certain way but some of them realized what was happening but went along with it anyway because of fear of being excluded or ‘punished’ for going against them. The aim of Ben Ross’s experiment was to explore what it was like for the people who followed the Nazis in Germany. As the experiment progressed Ben Ross subconsciously became their leader and the students listened to every ‘command’ he gave. The students thought the wave was good because they thought that it was making everyone equal so people like Robert Billings, the class loner, wouldn’t be excluded but the students and Mr. Ross were drawn into the wave to much to realize that it was making no one be able to be an individual anymore, instead everyone was acting the same and overall practically be the same person, all

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