The Wave Essay

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If power was placed into the wrong hands, do you think it would be abused? To fear something is to have a feeling of anxiety, knowing something unpleasant is going to happen. In this book fear is resembled by a takeover, being singled-out and getting hurt. Part of fear at Gordon High school, is the fear of the takeover “The Wave”. In the book Laurie received a note from an anonymous student. In the note the student explained how, along with his friends they attended Mr. Ross’s class and like what they heard about the Wave. But, it is stated in the note, that a senior stopped the group of students in the hallway and asked them about joining the Wave. While two of his friends were quick to say yes, three were not sure, including himself. The senior was able to convince the other students to join the Wave, while the anonymous writer still disagreed. The senior then threatened the writer, that he would lose all of his friends, if he did not join the Wave. This is the fear of takeover, if the Wave group has full power over others, the so called non-members would be forced to join due to the threats. Being singled out is another fear at Gordon High School. The note explains how a senior threatened a non Wave member that he would lose all of his friends. If this happened to one person, wouldn’t it happen to all of the kids who were not members? Not belonging to the Wave, makes you feel like you are stranded on an island all alone. You have no one to help you or stick up for you. The fear of getting hurt brings us right back to the anonymous writer and the note. At the end of the note, the writer says “I just want to know, too late for what”? The question is obviously a threat to the writer. The senior said that if he did not join the wave now he would be too late. Too late is saying that if the student

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