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THE WAVE The film “The Wave” is a Thought-provoking dramatization of an actual classroom experiment on individualism vs. conformity in a high school teacher (Mr. Ross) formed his own “Reich” (called The Wave) to show why the German people could so willingly embrace Nazism. Now, we might want to ask questions like: Does power corrupt? When does dedication cross the line from loyalty to fanaticism? What is the nature of propaganda and mass persuasion? Can something like the Nazi Holocaust happen again? The following examples describe what the Nazis did and then we watched in the film “The Wave”. 1. The popular “thing” is not always the right thing. • The Nazis formed a “group” were everybody was welcome and was easy to join. They had pamphlets with propaganda that portrait Hitler and the Nazi Party as the “right thing”, the best option. • In the film, the students of Mr. Ross class were trying to convince the other students from the high school of joining The Wave. They believed in it, and also they believed that everybody must need to have the same opinion. They printed pamphlets and arranged meetings to discuss how everyone acquires strength through action, discipline and community. 2. Symbolism. • The Nazis used The Swastika (an equilateral cross with four arms bent at 90 degrees) as a symbol of the Nazi Party. • In the film, the students used The Wave (ocean wave) as a symbol of their movement. 3. Proud of the Movement. • In the Nazi Regime the members of the Nazi Party had a particular salute, were they elevated their right arm in honor of the “Third Reich”. • In the film, the students also had a salute that resembled that one of the Nazi Regime and they were saluting each other even outside the classroom. 4. Hierarchy Identification. • The Nazi Party members had their own “member card” and each one of them had a “special

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