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The Wave: Essay ‘The Wave’ contains both poor and excellent use of totalitarian control. I believe this because the individuals within the novel do have a choice to whether they should join the wave or not but the actions taken by other wave member’s influence the students that do not want to participate or join the wave. We experience examples of totalitarian control through various parts of the novel such as Mr Ross’ leadership and continuation of his class experiment when he realises the problems with it, the behaviours and attitudes of students within the wave towards others, but most importantly The Wave itself and what it stands for. Mr Ross has the most crucial and important role in this novel as he has complete control of the group and what it involves. Mr Ross’s control revolves around his domination of his students and what their reactions are to The Wave when he explains it to them. His students start off as raucous, misbehaved and intolerant young people but as The Wave experiment continues throughout the novel their change of personality, behaviour and attitude has all been an influence of Mr Ross’s control of his students. The students obey his every order because they see him as their own leader, whilst being completely oblivious to the fact that they are becoming a part of a re enactment of Hitler’s cult in which they first thought of themselves being much too smart for something like that to happen. When Mr Ross begins to realise The Waves true power and actions his control shows dramatically through him when he uses it to continue with the wave, believing that there would be nothing to worry about. A majority of the control also lies within the students themselves as they are the ones who have decided that The Wave is the answer to all their questions and they start to believe that it is their way out but what they don’t realise is that the

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