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Morton Rhues novel, The Wave, describes the sometimes frightening chain of events which followed Ben Ross attempt to explain the history of Nazism. However, while some elitism emerged and students freedom of choice was challenged, the greatest concern was coercion and violence practiced by some Wave members. On the positive side, many students embraced the Wave concepts and united in their aims and attitude to school work. In the final analysis the most positive aspect was that the students learnt the lesson that Ben Ross had intended they should learn with the experiment. But one of the main concerns was elitism. In the wave elitism was the main problem, students thinking there better than the students not in the Wave. But the students that were in the Wave were all treated like equals every single one even Robert billings “come sit with us Robert”. But when it came to students out of the Wave were picked on and had so much pressure to join. Even the Jewish kid he was beaten because he would not join. This caused heaps of problems and was probably the reason the Wave got shut down. When Laurie tried to tell people about this she got bullied into joining but she was one of the people to think for herself. In the story people didn’t have freedom of choice they lost it all. When the Wave was introduced the students lost all freedom of choice, they either did what the Wave did or they were bullied into it. When they passed a Wave member they had to do the salute if the not they were told to and made to salute, strength through discipline strength through community strength through action. They all had to do what the Wave did if the wave went to the football they all had to go. But probably the biggest thing was the coercion. Some people think that coercion was the worst thing in the book and there probably right, because when your pushing someone to do something

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