The Watergate Scandal: President Nixon

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The Watergate Scandal Monique Nuuanu March 8, 2011 HIS/145 Elizabeth Labby The Watergate Scandal Even though Nixon called the Watergate scandal a cover up, President Richard Nixon is a disgrace to America because of the accusations made about Nixon part of the Watergate scandal. A lawsuit of historian Stanley I. Kutler was in session when evidence of a tape made in June 23, 1972 released and the tapes held conversations of President Nixon conversations involving himself in the Watergate scandals before and after his presidency. The Bacon (1974) website reports, the information written, and published are in control by the journalists. Albert H. Kramer is trying to help ordinary people break that cycle. Kramer wants the people to…show more content…
On May 11, 1973 Senator Proxmire, Vice President Agnew, and a few others have criticized the press about the allegations made about the Watergate scandals. One journalist in particular was accused of false accusations, Mr. John Dean. Mr. Dean reported about the Watergate scandals calling it was a cover up and president Nixon knew about what was going on. Most newspaper editorials backed up Dean saying that journalist’s job is to report the whole story and not just half of the story. Allegations acquired saying that Dean planned it all, it was a self-serving tale and that Dean wanted minimal criminal charges and maximum leverage in immunity (Jones & Company,…show more content…
With all this research done on President Nixon I do believe Nixon is a crook, and Nixon should have been put in jail. When Nixon denied the courts access to the White House Videos tapes that was a red flag. Whenever someone denies access to something that means he or she has something to hide. In this case President Nixon was hiding the truth. Nixon was going to find anybody to blame but himself. I believe with all the evidence and the newspaper I have read. I believe the Watergate scandal is true. References Bacon, K. (1974). Voice of the People. The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved from GWERTZMAN, B. (1973, August 10). Study Shows Nixon Supported Abroad Despite Watergate. ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times (1851-2007), p. 63. Jones & Company, D. (1973, May 11). Watergate ane the Press. ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The Wall Street Journal (1889-1991), p. 8. Lyndon, C. (1964, April 22). Strauss Warns Meeting of Democratic Governors to Stop Calling for Nixon's Resignation. ProQuest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times (1851 - 2003, p.

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