The Watergate Scandal Essay

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The Watergate Scandal The Watergate scandal was one of the most profound stories of all time involving United States President. It had all the contents you hear of or watch in Hollywood movies. The name Watergate is from a complex in Washington DC of Democratic offices. The president had lied to the American Public, abusing his executive power and using government agencies, including CIA, FBI, and NSA in illegal acts and big cover up of his disgraceful acts to the country. The investigation that took place questioned many motives of the white house and its connections in the scandal; however, the president denied all allegations. The president at the time was Richard Nixon, after his re-election in n November 1972 he had taken office for his second term. Initially the American people had chosen the president of their choice; however the tragedy that followed made most Americans loose trust in government and political leaders. The Watergate scandal in June 17th had five men caught in the offices of Democrats campaign headquarters. The uncovering of the espionage led to the involvement of some prominent and influential individuals in the country. “In June of 1972 In Washington D.C an event occurred, a burglary which ended upholding worldwide importance. It was on this date that five people broke into Democratic National Headquarters to bug their telephones. These men were of the “plumbers,” a group of Cuban refugees, former FBI agents and former CIA agents among others the group was strongly republican”” ( The Watergate Scandal) The incident produced many startling questions, and the involvement of the white house including Nixon. The president denied any allegations in the involvement. He had assured the white house had no involvement in the scandal. The scandal carried on for months, people began questioning the motives of the president and well known vice

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