The Water Log Essay

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Assignment 2A: Recording Audio (30 points) 1. Pick an analog recording device to learn more about. Use the Internet to learn more about it. ( may be a useful source of information.) Write 4-5 sentences about what you've learned, and say where you found the information. (5.0 points) I picked Compact cassette tapes, they come in two forms, either already containing content as a pre-recorded cassette or as a fully 10% recordable blank cassette with nothing on it what so ever. The Cassette tapes peak time period were from the early 1970s and the late 1990s. Compact Cassettes consist of two miniature spools, between which a magnetically coated plastic tape is passed and wound. These spools and their attendant parts are held inside a protective plastic shell. The cassette was a great step forward in convenience from reel-to-reel audio tape recording, although, because of the limitations of the cassette's size and speed, it initially compared poorly in quality. This permitted monaural cassette players to play stereo recordings "summed" as mono tracks and permitted stereo players to play mono recordings through both speakers (I received my information from Google and 2. Describe at least two disadvantages of analog audio recording. (4.0 points) While ubiquitous and accessible, cassette playback suffered from flaws frustrating to both professionals and home recording enthusiasts. Tape speed could vary between devices, resulting in pitch that was too low or too high. Speed often was calibrated at the factory, and could not be changed by users. The slow tape speed limited tape speed consistency, resulting in poor wow-and-flutter (higher values). Different tape formulation and noise reduction schemes artificially boosted or cut high frequencies and inadvertently elevated noise levels. 3. Pick a digital recording

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