The Wasps: A Short Story

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You would be crazy to say that you hate the summer! The hot weather, the glorious days at the beach jumping and splashing in the water, finding that cool spot of shade to take a five minute break from the uncomfortably hot sun. Picture this, as you’re lying there peacefully gathering some energy to go back into the sun, you hear this bizarre buzzing sound, wondering where the hell the sound is coming from you frantically search all around your bubble, but before you can locate where the sound is coming from you let out a huge YELP. You found it. On your precious flesh injecting its’ stinger releasing its poison into your body, yet the worst part is as your are about to vigorously swat it away it is already flying away laughing preparing the epic story to tell its wasp friends. As for yourself, you’re sitting in the shade embarrassed because the girl you have a huge crush on has run over to deal with the situation to only realize that the only reason you screamed like her five year old sister was because you got stung by a wasp.…show more content…
He probably didn’t have his numbers up for how many flowers he had needed to pollinate that day. Or his nest had been destroyed. Better yet his wife ate all of their wasp kids even his favorite most agile son. Many would disagree and argue that wasps don’t have a frontal lobe, so out of natural selection you were at the wrong place and the wrong time and unfortunately got stung. What were you even doing wrong? The wasp had just made your no good very bad day far worse from what it already
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