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The Hurricane Movie Assignment Summarize the facts of the Hurricane Carter case as portrayed in the movie “The Hurricane.” Ruben was at a bar until 2:30 am The shooting he was charged with was said to have occurred at 2:45 am at the Lafiette Bar There was a call to an emergency operator Jean Wall in at 2:28 am reporting the shooting Jean called the cops and they said that they have a cruiser on the way to Lafiette at that moment The phone card that said that was used in his conviction said that the call came through at 2:45 am and wasn’t signed by Jean but instead by Jean’s supervisor, Lanette Harkinson The handwriting on the card was not Lanette’s it was Dale Pescott’s, meaning that he forged the card to make Ruben seem guilty There were two gunman Original trial the motive was said to a racially motivated because it was said that the bar didn’t serve black people Mrs. Cockershum said that blacks had a running tab at the bar 3 people were killed in the Lafiette bar Mrs. Valentine said that the cars back lights were shaped like a bowtie and lit up like a butterfly (describing a Dodge Monico) not Ruben’s car a 66 dodge Polaro Ruben and John Artis were pulled over by the cops and questioned, told by the cops that they weren’t suspects until a man that was a suspect says that he saw them at the scene Avery told the police that he saw the killer and it wasn’t Ruben and even signed a statement that said that Bello and Arthur said that they saw Ruben and Artis leave the scene of the murders The Canadians found new evidence to prove Ruben’s innocence the killers ran out of the bar and jumped in the car that was waiting at the curb for a stealthy

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