The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells Essay

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The astronomer, Ogilvy, realizes that Mars is older than earth and is entering the cooling-off stage. During this time, there was a drop in temperature and flames came off of the planet, but what he didn’t know is that the inhabitants of mars were actually firing themselves in canisters toward Earth. He becomes very interested, and gradually the rest of Britain took an interest in Mars. The papers were filled with these stories and they influenced many people to begin watching the flame, which appears when the canisters are shot into space at midnight for ten nights in a row. However, no one has any idea what is about to happen. Ogilvy discovered that what he thought was a meteorite had landed on Earth and he set off to find the fallen object. When he thinks there is a man inside it, he rushes to the media and convinces a journalist, Henderson. The news spread and people crowded around the pit made by this mysterious object. The crowd fighting for a good view quickly scurried when these strange looking Martians emerged from the canister. They are a bit larger than humans and have many tentacles. They also lack bodies but have heads with large eyes. The shopkeeper struggled to get out around the crowd and then he disappears into the pit. The crowd remains cautious, but eventually they get curious and begin to move closer. The result of doing this caused a flash of light and three puffs of green smoke; a machine rises and sends out a laser-like beam, sending forty people up in flames. Then, the machine goes back down into the pit. The narrator takes off running home to his wife and explains to her what has occurred. When he realizes he scared her, he quickly explains that they cannot possibly be much of threat since the Earth’s stronger gravity will make them slow. Only those in the area of the pit were concerned at this point, but everyday activities continued. The
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