The War Of 1812: Second War For Independence

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Marcus LaRocca John Martindale U.S. History 10/3/2012 The War of 1812 The War of 1812 is also referred to as the second war for independence. This conflict between the world’s premiere naval force, Great Britain, and the newly formed United States had many events leading to the outbreak of war. This war would also have a lasting impact on the still infant United States of America. Many events led to the declaration of war between Great Britain and the United States, some more than others. A few of the major causes of the war include British impressment of American sailors, British blockades against trade with France and the British backing of Indian attacks as America pushed westward. Britain in the early 1800’s under the guise of searching for Royal Navy deserters, would board American sea vessels and abduct American sailors to fight for the British Navy. Very seldom would the abducted sailors but actual deserters. It is believed that the British Navy took nearly 6,000 American sailors during this period of impressment. Secondly during Britain’s war with France, the British in an effort to cut off French supplies blockaded the coast of America. The blockade caused much resentment towards the British and gave the “War Hawks” more ammunition to call for war against the British. Lastly was the British support of Indian attacks against the United…show more content…
Although the war had many events that led to a declaration of war by the U.S. there are three that contributed above all else. First was British impressment, second was British blockade against trading with France and third was British support of Indian attacks against the country. The conclusion of the war saw long standing effects on the United States of America. The most notable being the downfall of the Federalist Party and major boost of a National pride amongst American

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