The War Of 1812 Book Review

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The War of 1812: An Essential History by Carl Benn Osprey Publishing, 2002, 122 pages, $35 The average American male has a firm although possibly rudimentary grasp on several of the more prominent wars of our nation’s history, their causes, their important events and their resolution. Most of them can site important dates and events such as D-Day or Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River. Few however can tell me you much about the build up, events during, and resolution of the War of 1812. Dr. Carl Benn curator of the Museum of the City of Toronto and professor and the cities university is author of several books on several different facets of the conflict hopes to remedy this lack of understanding and knowledge problem with his latest work. With this mission keenly in the forefront of his mind he artfully uses The War of 1812 as both a concise form of entertainment and a vessel for true understanding of the significance of this conflict.…show more content…
Benn knowingly enters a genre that is full of established works by established and accredited authors. Although rather than following into the same pattern of information delivery as most of the works on the subject Dr. Benn aims to inform and more importantly enlighten the reader to not only the facts of the conflict but also seeks to give us insight into the thoughts and actions of the participants themselves. Typical historical analyses of the events are interspersed with actual letters, newspaper articles, or writings from the
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