The Wanseene Conference Essay

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The Wannsee Conference The Wannsee Conference was Held to Determine the Final Solution of the Jewish people; how they were going to be exterminated more quickly and efficiently like cows or pigs in a slaughter houses. The geniuses plot to exterminate an entire ethnic group of people is going to be presented in the form of what the final solution means and why the meeting was formed, what happened at the meeting, and the outcome and aspect preserved. The Wannsee Conference was a high-level meeting which took place on January 20, 1942. The meeting had been called by Reinhard Heydrich, the head of the Reich Security Main Office which controlled both the Nazi Security Police and the SS intelligence service. Heydrich was to meet originally on December 9, 1941, but fallout from the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor and a temporary worsening of the situation on the Eastern Front led to postponement. The gathering finally convened on January 20 in a villa on the shores of Berlin's Lake Wannsee. The Final Solution was the code name for the organization of the physical massacre of the Jews in Europe. Hitler had already plotted this mass murder and wanted to find more efficient ways to kill his enemies faster so he could begin to whip them off the face of the earth. Heydrich convened the Wannsee Conference to inform organizations that would help support the cause of the Final Solution. Also to disclose to the participants that Hitler himself had tasked Heydrich and the RSHA with coordinating the operation. At the time of this conference there was already knowledge of this scheme to murder the Jews and others. When attending the meeting there were about 14 senior SS officers, Nazi Party officials, and civil servants. None of these men opposed the decision of the Final Solution. In fact they discussed brilliant ways they could enhance the mass murder by thousands more per

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