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The Vow Movie Review

  • Submitted by: fijian4lif3
  • on August 1, 2012
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Samantha Sonali
English 100
July 3rd, 2012

The Vow Movie Review

The Vow is a romantic drama presented to an audience which consists mostly of young women and romantic men. It draws the audience as that for a Twilight movie. It is a movie with attractive lead actors; Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. They create the image of an ideal couple and attract people like me who are reeled into the theatre at the sound of “chick flicks” or “romantic dramas.” The movie is very soft and doesn’t have much excitement or any type of special effects in it. However, I believe it is an excellent movie because it captures a true life story and makes the audience feel a part of it. The Vow won my heart as one of my favorite movies in 2012 with its accountable flashbacks, heartwarming narration, appropriate settings, and overwhelming scenes and dialogue.
When movies are based on a true story, the audience expects it to be as close to the truth as possible and try to feel what the actors are feeling. In, The Vow, Tatum and McAdams play the roles of Leo and Paige who were a married young couple for about 5 years. They were madly in love with each other and were hoping to become parents soon. However, their lives were impacted by an incident that changed their lives forever. A truck had rear-ended them while they were parked by a stop sign. Paige suffered the most pain because she had removed her seat belt; she had a severe head injury. This incident caused her to lose 5 years of her memory which meant that she didn’t remember her husband; she only remembered being with her wealthy family, going to law school, and being engaged to a man named Jeremy. Leo was hurt in this situation, but he continued fighting for Paige to remember everything they had. In the end, she realized why she had left her family and Jeremy in the first place, but didn’t remember her life with Leo. Eventually, she did begin a new life away from her family, at an art institute, and started fresh with...

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