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This poem by Thomas Hardy gives of an air of pessimism and apparent helpless but not because of physical incapacity but instead of a personal conflict involving another. The speaker is almost haunted by the thought of his lover looking for him or her but no longer being the same person that she was before. The speaker is not completely confident of his or her own abilities because his or her own thoughts are too fixated on the effects of the person, classified as “you” in the poem, and how they continue to afflict or confuse the speaker. The repetition of the person calling to the speaker emphasizes significance of this action to the poem and also how incessant it is to the speaker. In the first stanza “you” is almost stressed every time that it appears yet “me” is not stressed, when reading this out loud it is evident that the speaker is more aware of the action of “you” than his or her own. There is slight consonance in the closing lines of the first stanza with the “w” sound and this sound is attached to words that reference time along with “who,” these sounds together mark the idea that the “you” in the poem that the speaker longs for is in the past or no longer exists. The second stanza of the poem is more centered on the speaker and his own inquiries about “you.” There is a repetition of you throughout the lines but what stands out is where “yes” is stressed before and after a pause, the sound alone prepares for the exclamatory closing line of the stanza that highlights the speaker’s ability to actually make statements of his or her own about “you.” Also the rhyme scheme unites the “then” giving emphasis to all this being long gone and also the rhyming of “town” and “gown” point out the physical ties that remain of “you” but mark even more her absence. The last two stanzas are the more drained stanzas that leave an empty feeling in the reader. The

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