The Visit and Justice Essay

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Olivia Youket 4/7/12 The Visit What is justice and how does one know that it is really just? Justice is the system of fairness and equality. By having justice, one must be sure that everyone within that system receives exactly what they deserve, no more and no less. It is a concept of moral rights based off of the ethics and values of one civilization, but what determines those standards and if they are truly right for everyone. In the town Gullen, the woman Claire was wronged by the citizens and Anton Schill. Anton used the justice system to detach himself from her and cast her out of the town. He made the court bend to his idea of justice that was unfair to Claire. When Claire returns to Gullen she is also looking to seek justice on the town that wronged her and unfairly cast her out. Duerrenmatt’s play “The Visit” raises the question as to how far money can take someone in life and results in the fact that nothing is beyond money’s reach. “The Visit” proves that money can buy anything, even justice. Justice, as proven by both Anton Schill and Claire Zachanassian, is easily corruptible and can be traded for material wealth even from the smallest of favors. The definition of justice is ever-changing. It all depends on who is the biggest bidder and can offer the most in return for this so called “justice.” When Claire was on trial with Anton claiming him to be the father of her unborn child, the court sided with Anton on the belief that she was promiscuous. Despite that being untrue, the court had two witnesses saying that they had also slept with Claire so there was no way to tell who the real father was. Even though those men had never slept with Claire, Anton bribed them with just “a bottle of schnapps” (37). Anton had offered them something that they wanted in return for their lying on the stand. Claire never offered anyone payment for vouching on her
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