The Virginia and Massachusetts Bay Colonies

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History 1301 Both Virginia Colony and Massachusetts Colony were developed into very different societies. Virginia Colony offered their Colonist the best opportunities for living. Virginia Colony was not a religious refuge such as Massachusetts Bay Colony. Massachusetts Bay Colony created a theocracy. Unlike Virginia Colony the only way you could become a freeman in Massachusetts Bay Colony was membership in the Church, not land ownership like The Virginia Colony. Agriculture played a dominant role in Virginia Colonies development. Massachusetts Bay Colony was by the water which was great for trading but their land was not suitable like Virginia Colonies land was to grow their crops. Developing Crops created a huge demand for slaves in the Virginia Colonies. Slave trade was significant in the Massachusetts Bay Colonies as well. Even though both colonies had slavery Virginia Colony had more liberty and had better chances for societal advancement. Virginia Colony did not start off so successful. The first few years the economy was in an economic disaster, the land was very swampy and infested with malaria carrying mosquitos. There were a lot a deaths and diseases that spread among the neighboring Indian tribes that sent a lot of them to an early grave including Captain Gosnold the Projector of the Enterprise. Planter John Rolfe and Captain John Smith mapped the area and intimidated Indians getting food that kept settlers from starving. This ended the mad scramble for gold as well as forced the men to build defenses and plant Indian corn. The economy of the Virginia Colony depended on farming as the main source of money. Due to the climate the colony wasn’t able to produce other crops necessary for survival. John Rolfe thought to grow tobacco as they did in the Caribbean’s he had brought a plant Nicotania tabacum back from West Indies. This was an incredible success
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