The Village Essay

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Movie Analysis The Village 1. Describe the mood as the movie begins. How is the mood achieved? The mood is sad and gloomy. The movie starts with the funeral of a child followed by a supper where everyone looks sad. You can also see fear on peoples faces when howling is heard from the woods. 2. What is the setting? In the village of Covington, Pennsylvania. 3. What is the significance of the colour red ? The colour red is thought to be a bad colour that attracts the monsters who are known as "those we do not speak of". 4. Describe briefly what you know about the following characters. Ivy Ivy is the daughter of Edward Walker. Ivy is blind and goes through the woods where the monsters are throught to be so she can get medical supplies to help save Lucius life because she loves him. Kitty Kitty is Ivy's sister. Kitty just wants to be married. Kitty first asks Lucius to marry her but he says no. Kitty then marrys Christopher Crane. Lucius He is a quiet and reserved man who is in love with Ivy. Lucius is the first to want to go through the woods to get medication to help stop others from dying like the child at the start of the movie. Lucius later gets stabbed by Noah because Noah is jealous of Lucius relationship with Ivy. Lucius needs medication in order for him to survive. Noah Noah is a young man that is mentally challenged. Noah is friends with Ivy and Lucius but he stabs Lucius because he was jealous of Ivy and Lucius relationhip. Noah also find the monster suit and dies in the woods when he attacks Ivy while wearing it. 5. Why are the words “those we don’t speak of” repeated? Because they want to make sure that the village people stay afraid and do not try to go into the woods. 6. Suggest a possible theme. A possible theme could be the fear of the unknown. The village people are afraid of monsters that they have not seen
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