The Vikings Essay

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The Vikings Thor is known as a superhero in science fiction movies.He is tall and strong,and can control the lightning.His weapon is a hammer called Mjollnir.However, few people know that Thor is a God of Vikings firstly.Vikings were people who lived in northern and central Europe and European Russia from late 8th century to 11th century.They are called Men of War.This essay will look on some famous Vikings figures,Viking culture and views on Vikings. First,there are many famous Viking people.One of them is Erik Thovrvaldsson.(Magnusson,1980)Erik Thovrvaldsson,known as Erik the Red,is remembered for finding a new settlement in Greenland.The appellation ‘the Red’ most likely refers to his hair and beard color.Erik the Red and his wife had four children:a daughter and three sons.One of his sons was Leif Ericson,a famous Icelandic explorer who is thought to be the first to discover America five hundred years before Columbus.(KendRick,1968).Another famous Viking figure is Cunt the Great,who is commonly known as Canute.He was King of Denmark,England,Norway and parts of Sweden.(Magnusson,1980)In 1012,Canute controlled England and become the King.In 1019,the king of Denmark died and Canute inherited the throne.After his death in1035,Vikings never achieved satisfactory results in battles.(magnusson,1980)He was called ‘Great’ not only for his conquests,but also for his largesse. Knowing Vikings’ culture is also important.They used longships(powered by sails or by rowing with oars) to raid and steal.Longships were always about 80 feet long.(Wernick,1979).They were made to be works of art almost.They show the superior skills of the Viking shipbuilders.They were two kinds of Viking ships:one was for battle;another was for business.(Wernick,1979).Viking people were smart.They made objects from stone,wood and metal.They also stored their food in wooden barrels and boxes.Viking

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