The Viewers Voice Case 9.1

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Patricia Youngblood Case 9.1 The Viewer’s Voice Influences TV Programming 1. How does the communications’ feedback that TV shows’ writers and producers (the communications’ sources) receive through Web sites like TWOP differ from input derived from conventional fan mail and standard TV shows’ ratings? On websites such as TWOP writers and producers are able to get a variety of input about the shows. The good, bad and controversial are discussed and rated from viewers all over instantly. They are able to get feedback on shows right after they air versus the time it takes to get through fan e-mails or letters. Shows are compared and rated by viewers. The websites also allow for clips to be played getting a second look so a viewer can see something that was missed. Fan mail and standard TV show ratings are good for the overall season but to keep up with how viewers are reacting to each episode the TWOP website is best. The writer may be able to pinpoint an episode that was not accepted well by the viewers and maybe change the course of the plot. It is instant access to the reactions of a variety of viewers from different locations. 2. Should television programmers and producers consider the comments viewers post on TWOP in designing future broadcasts? Why or why not? I believe that they should consider the comments. It is a way of seeing what the viewer is interested in and how likable new characters may be. If you have the ability to know instantly how your story or plot is received by your audience, why not? It is just a guide to how popular the writing and characters are received by the public audience. Not all comments have to be used but it is just a way to get an overall picture of how the program was liked. Not only getting information on how well the show was enjoyed but also getting new ideas for upcoming shows. The audience may also give

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