The View That Sociology Can and Should Be Based on the Same Principles and Research Methods as the Natural Sciences

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The view that sociology can and should be based on the same principles and research methods as the natural sciences can be perceived in quite a few ways. One being, that sociology is a social science, not a physical science. Another being, sociology can be researched the same way as a natural science. Last, but not least, the principles of sociology and how they relate to physical sciences. Depending on your point of view, it can be very similar, or very different. Natural sciences are basically anything that has matter and can be sensed. In contrast with that statement, sociology is studying human behavior. Although it doesn’t have matter, it can be seen, and herd, and observed. Behavior doesn’t take a physical form like an atom does. So it can easily be argued about its nonexistence. We have all learned about the scientific theory in 8th grade. Ask a question, research it, come up with a hypothesis, experiment, analyze data/conclusion, and share your answers. You can use the scientific method in both sociology research and natural science research. What sometimes confuses people is that you can’t add your values to your research. With that said, you can’t share your opinion or thoughts on the material. A conflict arises in assessing the uses of knowledge of society in that it does not reveal itself in physical form. The knowledge allows us to perform things, such as create a society, or just simply make toast. Without the knowledge, we would have nothing. With natural science, a toaster can be created, and if it matches its expectations, then the science behind the toaster is believed to be objective and true. In order to determine the differences between both sciences, make useful comparisons. At a basic level, the natural world is
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