The Vietnam War: The Battle Of Hamburger Hill

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The Battle of Hamburger Hill The Battle of Hamburger Hill was a clash of the Vietnam War that was engaged by South Vietnam in collaboration with the United States of America against North Vietnamese Forces. Despite the heavily invigorated Hill 937 tends to be a quite advantageous influence on the United States of America since the commander ordered its capture through the process of frontal assault. The battle of Hamburger Hill took place from 10 through 20 May in 1969 (History Net, 2009). Furthermore, the fight occurred on AP BIA Mountain in the harsh, wilderness covered mountains along the Laotian fringe of South Vietnam. Therefore, this frontal assault leads to controversy both in public and in the American military. Primarily, the Battle of Hamburger Hill was an infantry engagement with the American troops of the 101st Airborne approaching the steeply sloped mountain against the fighting fit entrenched soldiers. Based on that explanation, the essay will analyze how the field artillery helped influence the battle of Hamburger Hill.…show more content…
The battle on Hamburger Hill occurred amid Operation Apache Snow, the second piece of a three-staged crusade proposed to destroy North Vietnamese Army (NVA) bases in the slippery A Shau Valley. Five infantry brigades were driving the assault; the Commander of the 101st Airborne Division Major General Melvin Zais was in control. His arrangement required each of the five regiments to "air attack" into the valley by helicopter, on 10 May 1969 (History Net, 2009). Under the authority of General Melvin Zais, ordering general of the 101st Airborne Division, paratroopers connected with a North Vietnamese regiment on the inclines of AP BIA Mountain on May 10, 1969 (Wiest,
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