The Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War Preceding the Vietnam War, the American people respected members of Congress, colleges and authority figures. Throughout the 1960’s the American people’s perspective had begun to change. As the Vietnam War continued in to its second decade with no end insight, the American soldiers’ death toll was rising at an alarming rate and the American people became fearful of what was yet to come (University of Miami, 2009). The United States had become a divided country of conflict. Many people believed that the war was a losing battle that carried a heavy strain for the U.S., both socially and economically. In contrast, the other group of people believed that we went over to Vietnam with a job to do, and we should not leave until the job is finished (Ryan, J.S., 2008). As the Vietnam War pressed on the impact of war, fell hardest on the Baby Boomer generation. In the 1960’s most of America’s soldiers were drafted to war by The Selective Service System. Once young men turned 18 years of age, they were eligible to be drafted into the Army. At this point, the young men had to register for The Selective Service System for a minimum of two years. Many young men received draft deferments and exemptions because they were attending a college or university. However, these same young men found themselves in danger as their graduation date neared. Once the drafted was introduced, young people in college began to organize protests against the war. America’s college students were outraged by the Vietnam War, and the drafting of our young men into war. “Students who were not drafted into the war by going to college were conscious of the unfairness of the situation and used protests as a way of declaring this to the government” (Ryan, J.S., 2008, p.1) In addition, they protested in the hopes that the war would end before they were drafted. Students

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