The Video That Never Was Essay

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Stephanie Benson 42101.216 Prof. Hornblower October 14, 2009 Draft 2 The Video That Never Was It is no secret that senior year of high school doubles as a year of slacking off. This mentality, common known as “senioritis”, is better to have as close to graduation day as possible. Unfortunately, the amount of effort put into homework, essays, and projects is weak even before Thanksgiving rolls around. A prime example of this diagnosed “senioritis” brings me back to this time last year. For an English project my group and I decided on a video for our presentation. What started out as promising turned into a wasted day consisting of pizza, ping-pong, and light conversation. Perhaps this project that never was had something to do with the absence of a video camera, a crucial part of filming a movie. After all, most things are accomplished when all necessities are included in the process. After finishing a Beowulf unit in senior English, my teacher handed my class project sheets pertaining to the literature we just read. The options given to us included an essay, a comic book, character analyses and a few other options which inspired groans from all ends of the classroom. Noticing that the instructions said a partner could be used, me and a few others glanced around the room only to realize we were all thinking the same thing: why not make a video? A video project was a way to include more people in the group creating less work for all individuals involved as well as excluding any written work otherwise required for the given options. With my teacher's permission, my group and I smiled a sign of relief and made plans to meet and write the script. I, along with the rest of the group, was pleased to find that one of our members had taken it upon herself to write the entire script. This not only saved the rest of us from doing any work, God forbid, but also

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