The Verdict Film Analysis

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The Verdict Essay A man mundanely plays a game of pinball on a dreary and cold Boston morning in his favorite pub. The audience can see the doubt and self-pity weighing down on his shoulders as he takes a sip of his beer and then a drag of his cigarette. He pauses to evaluate his life, a theme that continues throughout the film. His somber facial expression during the pause depicts a man having nothing to live for any longer. This opening scene accurately describes the life of Frank Galvin, an attorney with a drinking problem who is haunted by his past, and has resorted to ambulance chasing to make a living. As the film progresses Frank begins to discover meaning, in his profession and more importantly his life, which has been missing for…show more content…
He returns to his apartment and meets Laura standing in the bedroom. I believe this scene, instead of the scene in the hospital while Frank is taking pictures of Debra Ann Kay, is the true climactic realization when Frank begins to shed his long developed habit of playing the victim and begins to face the demons of his past and present. Eerie and dramatic background quietly sets in as Frank begins to blame himself for taking the case and declares he has already lost before he has even gone to trial. Instead of receiving motherly sympathy from Laura she begins to ridicule him for acting like a child and challenges him to grow up and take on the tough responsibility of the case. With the music slowly increasing in volume and intensity with the flow of the argument Laura says, “You want to be a failure? Then do it someplace else. I can’t invest in failure, Frank, anymore.” These piercing words force Frank to flee into the bathroom. As he is walking towards the bathroom the background music reaches maximum volume as screeching horns and drums depict the chaos taking place in the psyche of Frank. He slams the door and the music abruptly ends and all is left is silence, besides the hyperventilating breathing of Frank. Scared and having nowhere else to hide he tries pleading with Laura “Please don’t pressure me.” This is the sort of intervention Frank needed forcing him to realize he has to change something, but it did not come easily as is the usual case for people suffering from addiction. After his breakdown in the bathroom Frank is seen slouching in a chair as he stares at Laura while she sleeps. As he stares he suddenly drops his cigarette into his unfinished drink which could possibly be a symbolic gesture suggesting he is done relying on liquor as being his only comfort and sets

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