The Veldt Essay

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In this short story written by Ray Bradbury, the author wants to emphasize the negative effects of the technology on the family. In order to have a well written short story, the author must use many literary devices. During this tale, Bradbury uses metaphors, foreshadowing, dialogue, similes and tone levels to accentuate the emotional experience. One example of foreshadowing is right at the beginning of the story. George’s wife is so concerned about the nursery that she bothers to ask for a second opinion. This lets the reader know that something strange is about to happen in this room. This opening information also suggests to the reader that the central problem from “The Veldt” will be the chamber called “the nursery”. This place is usually used for playing and social interactions, but because of the children’s emotional attachment to it, this room becomes a mechanized beast. Another example of foreshadowing would be the use of these following words: the screams are “awfully familiar”. The author wants to show us that those sounds are both awful and familiar in the same time. An example of a simile used by Bradbury in “The Veldt” would be the following sentence: “That sun. He could feel it on his neck, still, like a hot paw.” The role of this literary device is to make the sun seem more tangible. The author also uses a metaphor near the end of the story: “What prompted us to buy a nightmare?” By using this figure of speech, the writer wants to show us that George has become extremely concerned with the house which became a modern mechanical monster. During this take, we can see that the author uses short phrases to give details about what the characters are thinking. It is up to the reader to interpret these small sentences and to achieve certain expectations about the final turn-out of this story. “The Veldt” is a short story, which explains the
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