The Veldt Essay

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“The Veldt,” written by Ray Bradbury is a short story about the Hadley family who lives in an automated home that does all the necessary, everyday tasks for them. This house has a nursery which telepathically reads people’s thoughts and brings them to life through its walls. The Hadley parents start to realize that there is something wrong with the nursery and that it is destroying their children's minds. They begin to realize that buying this technologically advanced house, which later on becomes the reason for their death, is their biggest mistake. An analysis of “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury through the historical/biographical and psychoanalytic lenses suggests that the story is really about the negative ramifications of technology on human lives. When looking at “The Veldt” through the historical lens, the story is about the fear that people felt towards technology as a result of the Cold War. The time during the Cold War was filled with fear and hatred which remained after World War II. Things such as The Red Scare and fear of a nuclear war posed a threat to people which resulted in a state of fear being developed. In his article, “Cold War,” David Snead talks about the events that took place during the time of the Cold War. He goes into more detail about the technological advancements at the time and how people reacted towards them. Snead mentions that there was a sense of paranoia that was the result of dangers such as missiles and nuclear war - both important technological developments - that posed a risk to people’s lives. The fear that George and Lydia Hadley felt from the realistic appearance of the Veldt’s visuals, was much like the fear that people during the Cold War felt from missiles and nuclear war. They are similar in the sense that in both scenarios, technology was seen as a weapon of destruction, which makes it evident that there was fear and
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