The Veldt Essay

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The Veldt By Ray Bradbury What does this text suggest to you about the impact of technology on family? This text is a short story based on a family of four, the Hadleys’. This short story, “the Veldt”, is set is the past and is considered a science fiction text. In this response to the story I will discuss the impact of technology on a family. Technology may impact the involved families in either a good or bad way. As illustrated in this story the technology had a negative impact on the family. This impacted the family in three main ways. First of all technology impacted the family in the fact the relationship between the family was hindered by lack of communication between parents and offspring. This is represented by “Peter looked at his shoes. He never looked at his father any more, nor his mother”. This lack of communication was a result, both indirect and directly, of the use of technology. Another way technology impacted the family was the disobedience and disrespect displayed by the children towards their parents. Throughout the whole story the children are disobedient and had no respect towards their parents whatsoever. “They’re insufferable – lets admit it. They come and go when they like; they treat us as if we are offspring. They’re spoiled and we’re spoiled.” The third and final way technology had an impact on the family is the change in behavior between the two children and parents. In my opinion technology is a good thing for young children, such as Wendy and Peter, in moderation. Also displayed in the story in the change in mindset for the father deciding the family needs more discipline. In conclusion, this text shows that technology is both a useful and negative thing to have in a family’s everyday life. It can help to bring a family closer and further away at the same time. A strong impact the technology had on the family was the
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