The Value of Anthropological Research

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1. Introduction Anthropology is a wide field that has its own concepts and perspectives and has its own methods of researching human society, customs and beliefs. The aim of this essay is to discuss the value of anthropological research, and knowledge with specific reference to concept and perspective, anthropological methods and problematiques and questions. Anthropology has proven to be a useful tool in society and the knowledge gained from it has answered certain questions that humans may have. It is valuable in the way that the methods used to gain this knowledge are an important aspect and therefore will be discussed in the next few pages to follow. The way that anthropologists go about studying different cultures and other aspects in anthropology is important and can help us understand how different methods are used for specific outcomes and studies. 2. Concepts & Perspectives Without the understanding of human life from an anthropological perspective, many other disciplines would be without a full-scale-view of people and their interactions with each other and with their respect - and in some cases - disrespect for their environment. There are different concepts & Perspectives of Anthropology which play a role in this discipline. We can refer a few related Ideas: Ethnocentrism; Culture; Identity; Ethnicity; Race & Racism Ethnocentrism Ethnocentrism is a phenomenon whereby an individual may be biased about their own culture with beliefs that their culture is the one and only or rather should be one and only. They are centered around their own culture as assume it’s the centre of the universe. To give an example, our president Jacob Zuma has many wives, now in Strict Christian culture most individuals (including myself) may perceive or regard this issue as being immoral, wrong and unethical all because our culture has taught us that a man
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