The Valedictorian and the Loser

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For many people, the thirteen years and longer that are spent in school are times of pure torture. The constant influx of homework and the overbearing concepts try their best to separate the fit from the weak. However, in his article “The valedictorian and the loser,” author Matthew House states that it is the valedictorians and the losers have figured out the educational system, allowing them to pass through school without difficulty. That applies for the valedictorian, for House argues that the current school “system” works to break the losers and turn them into valedictorians. Although House incorporates In the article, House introduces that he had always wanted to be a scientist, and he would ask to learn more in elementary school. This all changed later on. The author hoped no one would find out about his thirst for knowledge, as it was seen as uncool. According to House, there are two significant students in every classroom, the valedictorian and the loser. The valedictorian exemplifies excellence and is idolized as being what all students should want to become. While the loser plays the role of the class clown and is seen as a constant disruption in class. Despite this, House believes that he is one of the more astute students in the class and that both of these students play a vital role in the system of education in America. House goes on to say that everyone must conform to the system, unless they would like to fail. The valedictorian knows this and follows the teacher’s orders exactly, which shows that he is not necessarily academically exceptional. As stated by House, just as the valedictorian has figured out the system, the loser has too. Yet instead of follow the valedictorian, he does not want to raise expectations for himself, for there is no incentive to do more work. House explains that because valedictorians do not have the former guidance, when

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