The Uses of Magic Realism and Other Topics in Chronicle

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The uses of Magical Realism/ Fantasy & the unreal: Its significance in the novel Chronicles of a Death Foretold. Magical realism is clearly present throughout Gabriel-Garcia Marquez's novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Magical realism is defined as the combination of realism, along with magical and mythical elements such as dreams that come true, superstitions, humor, exaggerations, and the coincidence of bizarre events. A main characteristic was the distinctive manner and opinion of narrators toward the matter at hand. The narrators constantly accepted events that could not have possibly happened in the real life world. They accepted these peculiarities without the slightest amount of shock and astonishment, like it was an everyday thing. Placida Linero, who is Santiago Nasar'smother is a prime example of superstition within the novel. The quote, "She had a well earned reputation as an accurate interpreter of other people's dream, provided they were told to her before eating, but she hadn't notice any ominous augury in those two dream of her son's" conveys that Santiago's character also represents the element of magical realism in the novel. The statement, " Nor did Santiago Nasar recognize the omen" not only reveals his superstition, but also the common faith put in superstition. There must have been some evidence of foreshadowing or signs of his death that he could have foretold. It is funny how these omens are more easily noticed after it is too late. Marquez uses exaggeration in Chronicle of a Death Foretold more than any other elements of magical realism in the book. When the narrator says, "The groom received a convertible with his name engraved in Gothic letters under the manufacturer's seal. The bride was given a chest with table settings in pure gold for twenty-four guests. They also brought in a ballet company and two waltz orchestras. " on page

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