The Use of Tasers

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Over the years there has been controversy over the abuse of force by law enforcement. It wasn’t until the 1960’s when an alternative to lethal use of force was introduced which eliminated the need to deploy his/her firearm on a suspect potentially killing him/her. The Taser also known as the Stun Gun became available to the market for law enforcement agencies all over the world. Tasers are a relatively new tool in the police arsenal, and one that is often met with controversy. In this essay will be the history of the Taser, effectiveness, and weaknesses resulting from the use of them, how they benefit law enforcement agencies, and training law enforcement must undergo in order to properly use the weapon, as well as the idea that police use discretion and use Tasers at a higher rate on minorities. The Taser gun was first introduced by Physicist Since the practical recognition of civil rights by the Warren Court concerning police abuse in the 1960s, the improper use of deadly force has become a significant problem for law enforcement agencies. Less lethal alternatives were needed since the abuse of force by batons and the number of people shot by law enforcement personnel were on the rise and causing many social uproars. It wasn’t until the 1990’s when a useful less lethal alternative was introduced and used by law enforcement agencies. The Taser became the primary selection of law enforcement because the baton was insufficient of controlling people. Many law enforcement agencies have adopted this tactic over the years and even though there are several lawsuits brought against law enforcement agencies, the Taser serves as the best non-lethal tactic for law enforcement to stabilize people when the Jack Cover in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. It is an acronym for the Tom A. Swift Electronic Rifle. He worked as an aerospace scientist affiliated with NASA when he came up
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