The Use of Sports/Energy Drinks What Are the Benefits and Negative Effects? Essay

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The use of Sports/Energy Drinks What are the benefits and negative effects? Literature Review Research and Learning Introduction: The use of sports/energy drinks is on the increase worldwide and is marketed as a way of replacing lost energy that in turn will allow for greater endurance (Friedman, E., Elliot, AJ 2008) This statement might not be 100% true. This review will focus mainly on the where sports drinks came from, the effects that sports/energy drinks have on athletes and how it affects their performance. We will also look at negative effects that sports/energy drinks might have on athletes. The purpose of this review is to take a critical look at existing research to identify avenues where future research could be carried out and to show how over hydrating can be just as bad as dehydrating. Background and history of where sports drink came from: Sports drinks have been around quiet a long time. We will have a look at where/why sports drinks were created. The story that we will examine is where the today billion dollar market came from. . Carlsen, B (2010) shows us that the first real need for a sports drink was back in 1965 and was in the University of Florida, where their then struggling football team (gators) were having a lot of problems that year with players suffering from dehydration. Their assistant coach conferred with a doctor to why they were losing so much weight after games and practises but urinating so little. The problem was quickly identified by the doctor that they were losing most of their bodily fluids though sweating. So a new drink was developed and named Gatorade and was designed to rehydrate faster than water alone. They achieved this by adding electrolytes(sodium, potassium) to the drink which they knew was essential when talking about rehydration. This drink (Gatorade) is still widely available and would of paved the way

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