The Use of Police Force

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The Use of Police Force: Expand It, Reduce It, or Eliminate It? Everyone has made an encounter with police. Whether it is due to a traffic violation you committed or it being a time when you feared for your life because someone broke into your house. Any time when the police have to get involved in a situation, it is the use of police force. The use of police force is highly important and can make a huge difference in society. It can make an impact and affect the outcome of a situation. There are people that like the police and there are people who hate them. Regardless of what your opinion is about the use of police force, one should take into account that it is much needed. Police force protects our rights as citizens, enforces the law, and it helps shape a society to make moral and ethical decisions. However, one may argue that the use of police force can be too extreme and that it strips citizens of their rights. This issue leads to an important question, should we expand or reduce the use of police force? According to a news article, “The police can be described as a constituted body of persons that are empowered by the state to enforce the law, limit civil disorder, and protect property” ( Law enforcement constitutes the part of the policing activity itself. Police are concerned with the preservation of order. The force that police use can be determined by a variety of factors. This includes but is not limited to: The police car; this provides policemen a source of transportation to get from one place to another in a short amount of time. Considering that most people drive, the police need to have the ability to drive their own vehicles to keep up with society. Police vehicles patrol a neighborhood, school property, a mall, etc.; Weapons; whether it be a gun, taser, baton, or pepper spray, these are all necessary to protect
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