The use of music in "Dead Poets Society"

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The use of music to bring out emotional fluctuations through-out “Dead Poets Society” Music often plays an important role in film to bring out and underline emotional feeling to give the viewer a sense of the atmosphere to be created. In ‘Dead Poets Society’ a variety of moods are presented and music plays a major part in delivering the mood to the audience. Most of the time the music is synchronic with the images shown to create the emotional atmosphere, but in ‘DPS’ the music is often presented several moments before the associated image or situation to prepare the viewer for the upcoming emotional fluctuation. From the very beginning of the movie ‘DPS’ a very serious and strict atmosphere is to be created since Helton is an English elite school and the viewer is supposed to be going through the emotion of hard work, high level education and the maintenance of traditional thinking. This is achieved through showing a variety of well selected images and scenes such as the painting of a few students at Helton at the new years assembly looking respectful and very educated, but also through using a traditional kind of music. One of the first scenes is the graduating class marching from the preparation room into the main part of the church to introduce the assembly. They are accompanied by an individual playing the great highland bagpipe, which resembles a piece of British history and the sound can very be described as being traditional. By listening to the sounds of the instrument connecting the images shown to it the viewer gets a very good understanding of how important discipline and tradition heritage are. But music can be interpreted in many different ways and associated to many different moods, depending on the type of music and how it is presented. At the end of the first day in Helton the parents of all students leave the school site and the new

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