The Usa's Consitution Essay

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THE CONSTITUTION It provides the main rules, the function and the framework for the government. It also delineates the individual liberties and rights. The US was drafted in 1787 and it is the oldest still existing written constitution. George Washington said: “I do not expect the Constitution to last more than twenty years” but yet it survived because it is short, vague and flexible, and so it is a “living document”. There are no clear details, people is free to interpret, is constantly re-reading it. There are many issues debated about the Constitution today, what is constitutional and what unconstitutional? * Role of religion in public sphere * Internet privacy * Same sex marriage * How the war in Afghanistan should be conducted * National security vs. protecting civil liberties * Size and role of government * Gun rights * How is the president elected Talking about the flexibility of the constitution, James Madison, one of the main drafters and 4th president wrote: “I am framing a system which we wish to last for ages; we should not lose sight of the changes which ages produce.” Back in time, European main powers established colonies in the New World, especially in the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries. When Elizabeth Ist was in the throne, the British had the East coast (Virginia, named after the Queen and one of the original 13 states) in 1607 the king James (*Bible) had a city in Virginia named after him, Jamestown, a commercial town; in 1620 puritans were escaping from England to Plymouth (Massachusetts). People living in American colonies were some of the most freed people in the world, politically. Already in England was moving to a representation government away the absolute monarchy. The English Civil War (1640-1680) killed Charles Ist and the Glorious Revolution (1688) instituted a constitutional monarchy. By 1689, the

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