The Upside of Being an Introvert Essay

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Angel M. Dionaldo Assessment for learning 2 BSED Math 3C Product-Oriented Learning Competencies Student Performances - targeted tasks Products - communication skills -reading -writing -speaking -listening -psychomotor skills Using Rubrics - way that the teacher can evaluate or assess student performance or proficiency in any given task as it relates to a final product or learning outcome. Product-oriented learning competencies target at least three (3) levels: • Level 1: Novice or Beginner’s Level Does the finished product or project illustrate the minimum expected parts or functions? • Level 2: Skilled Level Does the finished product or project contain additional parts and functions on top of the minimum requirements which tend to enhance the final output? • Level 3: Expert Level Does the finished product contain the basic minimum parts and functions, have additional features on top of the minimum, and is aesthetically pleasing? Example : The desired product is a representation of a cubic prism made out of cardboard in an elementary geometry class. Learning Competencies : The final product submitted by the students must: 1. Possess the correct dimensions (5"×5"×5")-(minimum specifications) 2. Be sturdy, made of durable cardboard and properly fastened together- (skilled specifications ) 3. Be pleasing to the observer, preferably properly colored for aesthetic purposes-(expert level) Thus Product-Oriented Performance Based Learning Competencies are evidence-based. The teacher needs concrete evidence thar the student has achieve a certain level of competence based on submitted products and projects. Task Designing for Product-Oriented Performance-Based Assessment'' How should a teacher design a task for product-oriented performance based assessment? The design of the task in this context depends on what the

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