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The Untouchable Essay

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Tram Anh Le

English 1301

Mr. Akerman

Final Essay


            The Freedom, equality and humanity motto is always intensified in many big events all over the world. On the other hand, those mottos easier said than done. Human being are considered as the most intelligent species but also the most selfish in the world. There are two attitudes toward the question being asked “ Does humanity still exist in the modern world?” To me, I agree with both, half no and half yes.
            We all have to deal with our own problems, sometimes without any help. But people nowadays think of themselves too much. When people have their own difficulties, they cannot think about what other people must suffer. They are too realistic, they can only believe something when they can see it, not by just listening to the explanation. And when it comes to profit, they will only care about how much they can receive. One more thing is the misconception: First thing you should do is to be very good to yourself and after that, is to be kind to people. What human being now bear in mind such a shameful and selfish attitude towards the great humanity. We will have to read through this one more time:   first thing is always on the top of the priorities' list, very good and kind – how miserable it is ! The love between human and human can rank for the first, second …Besides selfishness of human, is there any other dignity ?
            Family is the most peaceful place for every member to come back from a hard working day or from school. But to some people, home does not exist. Brothers and sisters fight for the what I must get when their parents die… Have they ever thought of the brotherhood and sisterhood besides money ? Moreover, people could kill each other just because of a little disagreement. For example, here is an article reporting about a girl who kill her parents because of their divorce.
            "Is divorce dangerous for children?" by Calimallie. A...

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