The Untamed Mind Is Like a Generous Thief

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The untamed mind is like a generous thief, it schemes and creates confusion, fosters delusion to stay needed, steals as it sees fit, taking great plunder and then provides the occasional handout which costs it nothing. Like the drug kingpin who through the night steals the souls of children and the vulnerable and then hands out some of the plunder, as cash, to a person in need, the untamed mind robs us of unimaginable bounty while occasionally stroking the desire of a past trauma. It does this with the cooperation of the senses, the somatic, the emotions, our very self an accomplice. The tamed mind, that's a powerful navigator. The tamed mind is what is seen in the rituals of aboriginal peoples when the young are sent through their coming of age rituals. This is the first glimpse of a tamed mind and is meant to set the tone for the path to maturity. All human evil comes from this: a man’'s being unable to sit still in a room. – BLAISE PASCAL Unless we train it, the very nature of the mind is to keep on hopping from one thing to another, almost at random. The mind can be very usefully employed, but it has to be trained for its task. To much of the time the mind is engaged in negative thinking, either about others or about ourselves - a destructive occupation. Training the mind means establishing and maintaining sound standards through the development of discernment: good, creative, consistently kind thinking, and no around-the-clock activity, either we are aligning our actions and thoughts with our intentions, with integrity, or we are not. In many cases in life there are not really either or's, in this case it is either or. When the mind has nothing productive to do, we need to learn how to close up shop and let it
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