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I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the fifth grade. It was around six o’ clock in the evening. My sister and I were at an Upward basketball practice. Basketball had always been a passion of mine. I loved the feeling of making a shot and hearing the crowd cheer. My favorite voice was that of my fathers. As we were nearing the end of practice, I noticed my mother take a phone call that set her in a panic. Shortly thereafter, my aunt was rushing in the building and we were being pulled off the court. My mother was in tears and explained to us that we needed to go see daddy at the hospital because he was having some tests run. Immediately, we scrambled outside and were on the road. As any child would, my sister and I anxiously kept asking many questions: “What’s going on?” “Is daddy okay?”. My mother and aunt struggled to keep us practically oblivious to the magnitude of the situation by giving minimal answers. Little did we know that my father drove himself to the hospital in the midst of having a heart attack. This was my first experience with true horror. This single heart attack led to a series of other health problems my dad would encounter. He had three stent surgeries, two more heart attacks, and a five-bypass heart surgery within six days. Later, he was diagnosed with diabetes and Pulmonary Fibrosis. He is still battling multiple health problems eight years later. It seems like every time he goes to the doctor a new problem occurs. Pulmonary fibrosis is a terminal illness that deteriorates the lungs. The fact that he has all of these issues consumes my mind seemingly all the time. It is like a nagging bug that you cannot keep away from you. You try to swat at it to keep it away, but it keeps on coming back to bother you. I try to push the thoughts of the bad consequences from his issues out of my mind because it is easy to act like the situation

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