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The Universe Essay

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First, there was nothing.   Then, a huge explosion started the entire process of life. That is what everyone is taught about The Beginning.(...unless you are religious.   If so, then put down this paper   now.)   This is how the universe came into being.   But what actually happened?   Well, Wikipedia has this to say about the universe:
“According to the prevailing scientific model of the universe, known as the Big Bang, the universe expanded from an extremely hot, dense phase called the Planck epoch, in which all the matter and energy of the observable universe was concentrated...”
Basically, the prevailing theory is that the universe was created by a big explosion.   Before that, all of the forces that controlled the universe (cold dark matter, warm dark matter, hot dark matter and baryonic matter.) were in an infinite loop around each other.   Because of the great mass and power of this infinitely small speck, in that area, the laws of physics could be bended.   This area could stay stable forever on its own, and it is still being debated how long it was stable for.
But even though it was stable alone, there was one thing that could make it unstable: the smallest particle of any matter.   You see, this speck was made up of equal types matter and anti-matter.   These two types of matter are volatile when put together in uneven amounts, but as long as they are even, they will nullify each other.   No one is sure where the matter came from that finally unbalanced it.   The best guess is that it came from another neighboring universe, a theory
that raises more questions than it answers.

Suddenly, there was an explosion.   The force of it could equal near infinite nuclear weapons.   Because the laws of physics were still warped, the matter was able to travel much faster than light (idea for a hyper-drive). Heat exceeding millions of suns was given off in the epicenter of the blast.   Elements and chemical appeared from nothing.   The fabric of space-time was ripped apart....

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